The end of Stranger Things 5 ​​has been written since season 2

And it is that if there is something that can intrigue us the most at this time, it is precisely how the great story of the Duffer brothers will end, something that both directors have had no problem talking about during an interview.

An end… that has been written for years?

Possibly not even the Duffer brothers thought that the series of stranger things It will last so long on Netflix. But you know how these things work. If something has the overwhelming success that this fiction has had, the norm is to stretch the gum as much as possible and they have done so with the plot that began in that remote town called Hawkins.

Such is the case that we have planted ourselves in no less than 5 seasons, the fifth and last being, still to be released, the one that will close the whole story. But what would you tell us if we told you that said ending has been written for years?

So he has confessed ross duffer in a recent interview, in which he points out that for the 5th season they will rescue several of the ideas they had for the season two. And it is that, as he also points out, the boom! of the first installment was a real surprise for them, who always thought that everything would end with a second season.

Obviously, since everything has grown and many more alternate plots have been opened, it would be impossible to stay with the original outcome (there are too many loose ends to tie up) but they will take a good part of its essence, maintaining the “big final idea” it seems.

When is Stranger Things 5 ​​released?

The million dollar question. And unfortunately we still do not have any firm answer, not even an approximate date. The most optimistic believe that in 2023 we will be able to enjoy the series, while others believe that until 2024 we won’t know how things end for Eleven and her friends.

And it is that the premiere times between seasons of stranger things have been dilating in time and each time we have taken longer to enjoy new episodes on Netflix. The reason? An increasingly complex and ambitious plot, with a higher level of production and also an increase in demand, making its realization more complex.

The fifth season is not going to lower the bar, much less, even less with the tremendous cliffhanger that he left us at the end of the fourth -and that we leave you here as a reminder-:

There is nothing left but to arm yourself with patience.

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