The end of the Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 was really the first Apple watch that really offered users an experience that lived up to what Apple is and what all its equipment tends to be. However, after many years of life, it seems that the end of this model may be near. If you want to know the reason, keep reading and we will tell you everything.

The Apple Watch Series 3 will stop selling soon

September 2017, that was the date on which the Cupertino company presented this Apple Watch model, which, as we have told you, was the first that really gave users the experience that everyone was hoping to have with a device of this type. Now everything seems to indicate that 5 years laterApple will stop selling this product.

Apple Watch S3

This information comes from the hand of one of the most popular analysts in the world of Apple, and it is that the famous and well-known, Ming Chi Kuohas stated that the Cupertino company has on its roadmap to say goodbye to the Apple Watch Series in the fall of 2023, that is, everything seems to indicate that after the presentation of the next Apple Watch models, it will remain totally discontinued from the Apple Store.

The reason, beyond being a movement that also serves commercial reasons, it seems that it would be propitiated because it could not meet the power requirements that it will bring. the new version of watchOSwhich, as you well know, will be presented at WWDC and will be released to all users starting in September or October.

Does an Apple Watch Series 3 make sense?

Following this leak, a reflection can be made on whether it really makes sense today for Apple to continue selling the Apple Watch Series 3 in the Apple Store. And it is that, if you look at the price of this device, which are 219 eurosyou can see how a model that is superior in all specifications, such as the Apple Watch SE, costs only 80 euros more in the Apple Store, this difference being even smaller in other establishments.

But it is that this difference is not only in the price, but also at the level of benefitsthe Apple Watch SE is far superior in all areas, in addition to having a design that is also much more similar to what the flagship offers today, which is the Series 7. Therefore, if at this point it makes little sense to buy this device, this situation will be totally increased in the month of September with the launch of the new models.

Apple Watch SE

Therefore, although this news, today is just a rumor launched by one of the most popular analysts in the Apple world, it makes perfect sense that the company is going to make this move, since it will make no sense to maintain sales of a product that is really outdated and that, even for price , it can compete with the current Apple Watch SE, and much less with its rumored renewal that will also arrive next fall, although we will talk about it in another post.

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