The Equipo Humano Foundation launches Bake, a program that unites business angels and entrepreneurs

The Equipo Humano Foundation has just launched an innovative European programme. The bake project generates training for entrepreneurs and SMEs on how to obtain financing effectively, as well as to establish successful relationships with the so-called angel investors.

In this way, the European Union intends to make a reality efficient European venture capital marketfacilitating companies’ direct access to markets and exploring incentives for private sector funds, which facilitate financing for start-ups and innovative SMEs.

The consortium of companies participating in the project is made up of expert financing entities, Business Angels and entrepreneurs from different European countries. Specifically, the Fundación Equipo Humano, BIGBAN Inversores Privados and the Xavier Professional School participate for Spain; for Belgium, EBAN – European Business Angels Network; for Greece, the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED); for Cyprus, Mediterranean Management Center (MMC); for Finland, Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN) and for Italy, Materahub.

29 months duration

With a budget of 337,106 euros and a duration of 29 months (March 2022 – July 2024), with Bake it is intended that conflicts that may arise between entrepreneurs and investors (misunderstandings, imbalances…) go less, so that they can thus establish more equitable, effective and successful relationships.

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In September the consortium met for the first time in person, at the EBAN headquarters in Brussels. During this transnational meeting, the partners have decided on the structure that the first two results of the project will follow: a set of tools to assess fair and equal relations between entrepreneurs and investors and a training course for entrepreneurs on how to manage investments.

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