The Ergotron monitor arm Optimus Prime would use

TRACE a new monitor mount

The advantages of monitor arms are so great that we admit to being a big fan of them. And we like them so much that we end up using them not only to place monitors, but also to create structures that allow us to even have a portable recording studio for YouTube or greater comfort when it comes to streaming.

Well now Ergotron has launched a new proposal that breaks a bit the usual schemes of this type of media and improves it with the odd idea that makes it very interesting. So much so that it is not only ideal for use with computer monitors, it could also be ideal for televisions as long as they are within the manufacturer’s recommended weight limits. Still, what’s so special about this monitor mount.

TRACE, which is the name of Ergotron’s new proposal, is a monitor support where the first thing that catches your eye is the support itself that is fixed to the table and that double arm which then goes to the screen. Thanks to these two elements, greater stability is obtained, something very necessary to support the weight of the screen in the different positions that both arms will allow and that are the other great value.

As its name refers to, this support allows you to trace practically any movement with the screen so that it is in the exact position that we want to use it at all times. Monitor closer to you, to one side or the other, even rotate it to be seen from the side without problems.

Of course the attractiveness of this support does not stop there, it also makes use of a system that allows adjust height vertically in a very smooth and effortless way thanks to a system similar to that of video sliders. So, if you are going to work on a standing or sitting monitor, you can set the ideal height at all times in a matter of seconds. In addition, the tension can be adjusted to suit the weight of each screen.

And to top it off we have a cable management system that allows everything to pass through a kind of flat and flexible hose that will give a much cleaner look to the desk.

Ergotron TRACE, technical features

Considering the support, if you liked it, you probably want to know what the technical characteristics are to see whether or not you could use it with your current configuration. Well, these are the data that the manufacturer offers about the type of screens (computer monitors or televisions) they must comply with so that it can be used without any problem. However, sometimes you can make some exceptions and “push” a bit in certain respects.

  • Monitor support valid for screen up to 27 ″, but placing a 32 ″ should not pose any problem
  • Minimum and maximum weight supported of 3.7 and 9.8 kg
  • Possibility of raising the screen up to 27.9 cm
  • Maximum panel inclination of 35º
  • Maximum lateral rotation of 240º
  • 360 degree rotation of the screen
  • VESA MIS-D pickup type, but adapters can be used for compatibility

Ergotron TRACE, price and availability

As you can see, the new Ergotron monitor support is quite interesting and not only is there the option of a single screen, there is also a version with Double clamp to use dual monitor setups.

Depending on whether or not you need to use one or two screens, the ergonomics, organization and versatility in a workspace that it offers is very high. Of course, until the end of August it will not be available and the final price will have to be seen. Taking into account some options within the brand’s catalog, it is logical to think that it will cost more than the classic arms that can be found in many stores and that are simpler.

If you work hours and hours in front of the screen, the benefits can make it an investment that quickly pays for itself.

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