The esports sector generates 35 million euros annually in Spain

The esports industry It is evolving by leaps and bounds and is consolidating itself as one of the most emerging digital industries with the longest professional journey. Specifically, it is estimated that the market for electronic sports reaches a global audience of 198 million users. Of all of them, almost 3 million fans are in Spain, which is positioned as the twelfth country with the most audience worldwide and as the European country with the highest penetration among the female audience, which represents 36% of the total.

The consolidation of esports, which generates approximately €950M in revenue in the global market, is taking on special importance at the national level, where it manages to move €35M per year, which represents 4% of the world market. Without a doubt, this boom is causing great changes within the digital ecosystem and the entertainment industry.

Leticia Garciafrom Tokio School, an online training school, states that “Esports is currently one of the top formats in the entertainment industry and this is notably increasing the interest of investors, as well as the demand for new professional profiles.”. In this sense, it should be noted that investment companies are aware of the potential of this market and make large investments with the aim of being present in an emerging market that offers great possibilities.

A booming sector that demands qualified professionals

As in all industries, the evolution and penetration of technology requires the incorporation of qualified professional profiles and capable of responding to the needs of a market presenting an innovative business model. For this, it is essential that training centers are updated and offer training adapted to the new positions demanded by the electronic sports industry.

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Specifically, the operation of this entertainment market puts on the table the importance of incorporating specialized profiles in administration and management.Effectively directing and managing esports team and event projects is a key issue in ensuring the success of the industry.” says Leticia García, from Tokio School.

In another order, the functioning of the world of esports It also requires marketing and communication professionals fully adapted to the digital plane and trained to interact with a very specific audience. “The advertising conversion that occurs in the esports industry is due to its digital potential and the use of social networks, a scenario that requires professionals specially trained to operate within a very specific ecosystem that is characterized by sponsorship management, presence of influencers and a language fully adapted to the community” explains Leticia Garcia.

Under the same premise, electronic sports also require professionals experts in matters of entertainment and sports coaching. Specifically, psychological support is one of the most important issues in a profession that brings great visibility to competitors. “Esports are a high-performance sport where there is a need for professional support, both at a sporting and nutritional or psychological level.”, they point out from Tokio School, where professional training specialized in entertainment and sports coaching is offered. In this training special importance is given to technical, psychological and physical aspects that a professional must take into account when working within the sector.

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