The European Union ensures free roaming in the region until 2032

The The European Union has guaranteed free roaming in the member countries of the European Union until 2032adopting measures, which come into force on July 1, that prevent operators from charging travelers who move through any of the 27 member countries of the European Economic Community area for roaming, together with Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway; for ten more years. This extends the measure that was put in place a few years ago to prevent operators from charging extra costs when travelers used networks of other companies when traveling to other EU countries.

The initiative that started this, known as roam like at home, hasn’t just been renewed for another decade. It also has improvements. The main one is related to the quality of service, and establishes that customers should have the same services when they are in other countries as when they are in their home country, as long as the network to which they connect supports them. This means that if the person who uses roaming has 5G in his country of origin contracted with his operator, he must have 5G in the country in which he roams.

In addition, the operators have an obligation to inform their customers of the quality of the services they can expect, as well as to send them an SMS with information if there is a potential increase in the price they pay for a given service. This shows that the new rules hope to improve the information that customers receive.

As for emergency service numbers, if a customer cannot access the unified emergency number, 112, then the operator will have to offer a free alternative, such as a messaging service or an app.

That yes, the operators will be able to limit the impact of the users who make roaming. For this, they will be able to implement a fair use policy, which is a set of rules, somewhat vague, designed to prevent people from subscribing to an operator in a foreign territory for a cheaper fee and usually living in a country other than that of said operator.

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