The expansion of Apple Care + coverage reaches Spain, among other countries.

Apple Care + arrives in Germany and the United Kingdom

Apple Care + is Apple’s service by which you can extend the warranty of certain company products. Not long ago the company decided that it could extend the term of coverage but only in certain regions. Now these extensions reach Spain among other countries. Right now the first year is covered by the company and if it fails during the second year you would have to take it to the store that sold it to you to process the warranty.

Apple has been known to expand the availability of the AppleCare + option. This allows device users to extend your warranty beyond the typical coverage period. Announced in an updated support document, users in France, Italy, and Spain could purchase additional coverage if they paid upfront for an AppleCare + plan for iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. The new plan is automatically renewed monthly. Previously, extended coverage options were limited to Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Those who want to access this service, They must extend coverage within 30 days of their original plan termination date. Apple notes that extensions are automatically renewed until canceled. Termination of the same can be done at any time but bearing in mind that in addition, “coverage can be terminated in certain cases, including cases in which service parts are no longer available. In such cases, prior written notice will be provided. ‘

Customers can verify when our contracted service coverage expires by visiting We can also see it on the devices themselves. For example, on the iPhone in Settings> General> Information> coverage. From there you can even know if you have the possibility of purchasing Apple Care for the device.

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