The expected improvements of the iPhone 14 in battery and connectivity

Although there are 7 months left to officially know it, the iPhone 14 is already on the lips of many thanks to the leaks that are becoming known. Information that is not always precise, but that at this point already reveals data that can finally end up being confirmed as has happened in other years. The most recent is related to expected improvements in reference to its autonomy and its Internet connection via WiFi and mobile data.

WiFi 6E, better 5G and better battery management

These three features could be closely linked in the iPhone 14 if the information from The Economic Daily News is true. This media from Taiwan with sources close to Apple suppliers assure that from TSMC, manufacturer of iPhone chips, they already have information about the improvements of the next iPhone in these sections.

They affirm that these devices will carry a new 5G modem that would improve the current one, specifically it would be the Qualcomm Snapdragon X65. And it is that, at least this year, Apple will not be able to meet its goal of manufacturing 5G chips themselves and will once again trust Qualcomm. This 6nm radio frequency chip could mean better connectivity on a par with a lower battery consumption.

This chip also has the ability to connect to networks WiFi 6E, which would also improve this other type of connection, ensuring greater browsing speed. And the issue of battery consumption mentioned above is not trivial, since these types of connections tend to consume excessively as a general rule.

Already last year we learned about Apple’s plans to implement higher capacity batteries for the iPhone 13 and that finally ended up being true. It will be necessary to see if the same thing happens with this information, since it will also depend on whether Apple maintains or even increases the capacities with respect to the most recent models.

The first prototypes are about to be manufactured

Also from Taiwan, but in this case from the Economic Times, information arrived this week about the iPhone 14. More specifically about its development process, and it is that they affirm that Apple would already have everything closed and would be about to manufacture the first prototypes with who will perform internal tests.

Once the prototypes are approved, Apple will send all the schematics to its factories and start production, which, in this case, would be focused on the final public. Of course, it would not happen before June, since these dates are usually the ones that Apple handles.

iphone 14 rendering

Possible design of the iPhone 14 Pro

Be that as it may, officially it does not seem that we will have information before September. The ninth month of the year will once again be the one chosen by the Californian company to present its flagships. Therefore, there are still a few long months in which this type of leaks and rumors will be increasingly incessant.

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