The factors that will change the price of graphics cards

The year 2021 is about to end and the prices of graphics cards continue to rise despite the fact that many users want to buy them, although not at these current values ​​so far from the MSRP. The vast majority have not updated their GPU, and those who have fall into two groups: those who updated with what they could buy and those who paid the premium. Well, new factors of these price variations have been discovered for the charts and there are also new ones forecasts for 2022 and 2023.

Within this sector there are several realities. The first is that manufacturers are not interested in seeing anything change because they are turning their numbers green at an alarming rate. The second is that there is hardly any shortage and prices are still very high, while the third has to do with the speculation of cryptocurrencies that we always mention. But in the meantime there are different appraisals that we have to see to understand a little better what is to come and what is very relevant.

Farms with FE GPUs and component prices

That graphics card farms are practically a plague is well known to all. The problem comes when the reality is shown in some of them. And is that a video (save deletion) of one of these farms showed what was already sensed and speculated for months: NVIDIA and AMD sell directly to miners, surely at a much higher price than they have as MSRP.

Supposedly a Founders Edition GPU is impossible to get because they are only supplied by the two manufacturers, so they have to be involved in some way. Also, they are not a few of hundreds of graphics cards, since there is talk of more than 10 farms with an approximate total of 30,000 NVIDIA GPUs and more of 6,000 AMD and this is only a small sample of reality.

The price of some components has gone from just a few cents to directly a few euros, which would be an increase of more than 100 times your normal cost. This is causing the market to become distorted and the player cannot buy a graphics card today, or directly does not want to go through the hoop.

How long will the price of the graphics last like this?

Although there is a new report every few weeks and we still do not have this one, the reality is that prices have climbed again. According to the manufacturers, there is still more than half a year for prices to fall steadily again, so the first half of 2022 It will still be dying in the world of GPUs, while by summer the production capacity of semiconductors will be better, which should cause the price of certain components to begin to fall, which together with the change of work of Ethereum could be the beginning of the end of this madness.

The first estimates of normality in prices go until 2023, possibly the middle of the year, where then it does seem that the industry will return to its privileges and with it prices should really fall. Another very different thing will be their artificial inflation, where we will see if more countries join the fact of banning mining due to its high energy costs that result in an unfavorable balance of their environmental policies given the enormous consumption of farms.

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