the film is already available for free (and illegal) streaming on Twitter

The Super Mario Bros movie is currently the most important film shown in cinemas, having just exceeded $1 billion at the worldwide box office, but for a few hours you could follow Mario’s adventures directly on your Twitter account.

The Super Mario Bros Movie

Nintendo must not have had a very good weekend. The Illumination animated film Super Mario Bros has been uploaded in its entirety to Twitter. Divided into two parts, viewers were able to view the full 92-minute film at no additional costthanks to the efforts of Twitter user “vidsthatgohard”.

It was not a poor quality version filmed with a camera, but the original file with the English voices. The problem is that these two videos remained online for several hours, which left time for nearly 10 million people to view Nintendo’s work.

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Nintendo deletes the tweet, but it’s too late

This major leak comes four months after Twitter announced that subscribers to the Twitter Blue service can now upload videos up to 60 minutes long, much more than the previous limit of 10 minutes. The Internet user was therefore able to take advantage of the new functionality put in place by Elon Musk to put the entire film online.

The strangest thing is that it took Nintendo almost 7 hours to delete the tweet. If the almost 10 million users had not had the opportunity to watch the film, it isan estimated shortfall of just under $100 million for the company. Obviously, many Internet users had already watched the film, but hundreds took the opportunity to thank the author of the leak, because they had not yet had the opportunity to watch it.

Nor is the fact that Elon Musk disbanded Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council and fired most of the compliance teams when he took over the helm of the company last year. a great help for the various producers, who must themselves remain more vigilant than ever.

Besides, Super Mario Bros was not the only film to leak in its entirety on social networks. Avatar 2 the way of water was also posted in full on Twitter, but the tweet has also since been taken down.

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