the film is not very far away according to Zachary Levi

Invited to Michael Rosenbaum’s microphone, Zachary Levi reassures Chuck fans. He continues to actively work on a film. “We are close to the goal”.

Before playing superheroes at DC, Zachary Levi played a triple zero spy in chuck. The series broadcast between 2007 and 2012 followed the adventures of a salesman of high-tech products who finds himself overnight with the entire NSA and CIA database in his brain. He then becomes the intersecret, an asset in the sleeve of both organizations. Alongside John Casey and Sarah Walker, he fights crime and tries to hide his double life from friends and family.

Spread over 5 seasons, the series developed by Josh Schwartz (gossip girl) and Chris Fedak (Legend’s of Tomorrow) had been canceled after its 91st episode, forcing the writers to fast-track its conclusion. But Zachary Levi has not said his last word.

For a while now, the actor and producer has been considering bringing his character’s adventures to the big screen, just to give him one last lap. Guest of Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast (Smallville) Inside of You, he gave some news of the project.

“I tried to make a Chuck movie before we even finished the show. For almost no budget and no time, we were doing a mini action movie every week. So with a little more money and time, we could make a really good Chuck movie. I’ve literally been trying to do this since 2012 and I feel like we’re close to the goal.”

On HBO Max?

Zachary Levi also confides that he has broached the subject several times with the creators of the series. He also does not hesitate to sell his project to Warner Bros, arguing that it would be a great opportunity for HBO Max to expand its catalog. “I don’t know if this is an official announcement or not, but I will tell you that you have been patient, thank you for that. I never stopped trying and I won’t stop. It’s a Warner Bros show, and I think with HBO max we could easily start making movies and putting them out there.”

It must be said that since its launch, HBO Max has relied heavily on nostalgia to win new subscribers. This was the case with the meeting Friends, but also Harry Potter. Even on the side of its scripted productions, the firm multiplies the reboots. Sex and the City has also offered one, always with Jessica Parker at the top of the bill.

With the whole clique?

If the project sees the light of day, it remains to be seen which actors will return. We can already assure without too much misleading that Chuck will again be camped by Zachary Levi. Will we find Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin in the skin of Sarah Walker and John Casey? Nor can we do without Morgan, camped by Joshua Gomez.

Until then, we will find Zachary Levi in Shazam! : Fury of Gods, scheduled for May 31, 2023. This second part, directed by David F. Sandberg will follow the new adventures of Billy Batson and his alter-ego in tights.

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