The first agri-food entrepreneurship center in Europe will be in Madrid

Madrid Food Innovation Hub is a startup incubator that has seen the light of day with the aim of becoming the first center for agri-food entrepreneurship Europe and promoting disruptive technologies in the food sector.

This is the cover letter of the new innovation center and an undertaking developed by the Madrid city council and located in the Villaverde district which, as explained by the mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, and the deputy mayor, Begoña VillacísDuring its inauguration, it became one of the largest ecosystems of innovation and entrepreneurship in technology for the agri-food chain in Europe.

Madrid Food Innovation Hub is a pioneering experience in the world which aims to revolutionize the global food industry. In the center, several incubation and acceleration programs and a training program will be developed in the different areas of the agri-food chain.

The innovation hub has a coworking space and a kitchen-laboratory of more than 300 square meters equipped with everything necessary for proof of concept, prototype evaluation and project development. The Madrid Food Innovation Hub activities, which include incubation programs, training and workshops with the district, will be totally free for participants.

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Reinvention of Madrid

Almeida stressed that this new center is a clear example of how Madrid is capable of “Reinvent yourself”, given that, “Here we were able to improvise the place from which thousands of meals for vulnerable people came out” and a few months later, this is “The place where the will of the city of Madrid is reflected to win the future through innovation, talent and entrepreneurship”. In that sense, it influenced the need to support innovation by administrations, securing “That all those who want to start a professional and personal adventure in Madrid have a faithful ally in this town hall”.

For Villacís, “We are challenged to see how we are going to feed future generations” and for it “It is especially important that the Madrid City Council has thought about the need to create a council that is 100% focused on innovation”, something that, in his opinion, is beginning to be noticed «With projects like this, thinking, helping, creating, promoting and incubating companies that are going to dedicate themselves to thinking about how we are going to feed ourselves in the future«. According to the deputy mayor, the fact that Madrid is the second city in the world who assumes that responsibility, behind Tel Aviv, “Places us at the level of the great European capitals and to be at the forefront of innovation.”

Promote entrepreneurship and innovation

With the collaboration of Eatable Adventures, one of the three largest foodtech accelerators in the world, Madrid Food Innovation Hub will work to promote entrepreneurship, supporting the ecosystem of Madrid startups in coordination with the strategy developed by the delegated area of ​​Innovation and Entrepreneurship that has led the capital to lead the ranking as the best Spanish city for entrepreneurship and the sixth in Europe, according to the Financial Times.

After the inauguration of the space, Almeida y Villacís, together with the delegate of Economy, Innovation and Employment, Miguel Ángel Redondo; the councilor delegate for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Ángel Niño and the councilor of Villaverde, Concha Chapa, learned about the work developed by the startups participating in the first incubation program of the hub and have tasted a menu designed by chef Íñigo Pérez ‘Urrechu’ and Zalacaín’s R&D team and made with raw materials from foodtech startups: alternative proteins and vegetables grown in laboratories.

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