The first autonomous delivery robots take to the streets of Zaragoza

Logistics has evolved greatly in recent decades thanks, without a doubt, to the advancement of technology. The objective? Offer both companies and users faster, more comfortable and safer experiences, and set the pace of a society that is constantly changing and evolving. In this sense, autonomous logistics is already a reality and one of the most growing trends within the sector itself where Spain intends to occupy a relevant role.

Projects such as the Gogoo Network company is a good example of this, becoming in fact the first company to obtain a logistics license with autonomous robots in Spain. These are robots that move on their own, autonomously or at least remotely controlled by people according to each circumstance.

Robots equipped with internal and external sensors such as LiDAR, cameras, ultrasound sensors or GNSS receivers capable of offering a 360º view of the environment. Y autonomous driving algorithms that make use of artificial intelligence in order to detect animals, bicycles, pedestrians… and avoid accidents, stopping or avoiding them.

Zaragoza, a pioneer city in autonomous logistics

It is an alternative project to traditional logistics, more sustainable, 100% electric and does not generate noise or CO2 emissions. An option that can also help cities to relieve traffic congestion.

Currently, the company I know is working with the DGT for a smooth deployment on the streets of Zaragoza. The first city in Spain where this innovative project will see the light of day, which will consist of four phases.

The first, the current one, which will last until September where different test simulations will be carried out to verify its already tested operation and safety. Later, a mapping of the area in question will take place and the proper functioning of the robots will be analyzed. And in the last phases, it will be when citizens will be able to benefit from this service that will offer delivery of products to different parts of Zaragoza. Checking that everything works perfectly and what can be improved. In fact, it is estimated that up to 80 robots will be deployed on the streets of the Aragonese capital in the coming months.

With this Gogoo Network autonomous logistics project, which has operations in Spain and France, Zaragoza will position itself as a leading city in terms of autonomous mobilitytechnology, entrepreneurship and innovation in Spain and Europe

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