The first Chinese graphics card is little more than a paperweight

What if we told you that China’s first graphics card designed for gaming is a disappointment? It should surprise us when we compare them with their designs for high performance computing. The first case is that of the MTT S80, which has a performance that today could only be compared to some very low-end integrated graphics. But how bad is it?

If we think about it, despite the fact that the hardware is manufactured for the most part in the Asian continent, when it comes to the design of the most important chips, it is those that come from brands in the United States, the ones that call the shots. That is why China has been trying to enter the graphics card market for some time, but with not very encouraging results.

The MTT S80, the first Chinese GPU, is a disappointment

We already told you about the Fantasy One, however, said graphics card is not 100% designed in China since its main chip is a variant of the PowerVR from Imagination Technologies, a company of British origin. Instead, the MTT S80 is a made-in-China design from head to toe. However, it is far behind what the leading brands offer, which is already seen from the moment the graphics card stays in DirectX 11 and does not even support version 12, much less Ultimate.

So it is a graphics card that, when it comes to games, I can only aspire to play certain titles of low technical caliber, such as Counter-Strike, DOTA 2 and titles that were triple A a decade ago. And yet it still fails to perform, either due to the fact that the game crashes or sudden drops in frame rates or architecture limitations. In the first case, it is due to problems with the drivers in which it is only compatible with games from the 60s that were initially promised, having problems in popular games such as DOTA 2 or Tomb Raider, in which it does not even start directly.

Very low power for the current times

However, the problem comes from the fact that the power in geometry of the MTT s 80 today is quite limited, which is surprising due to the fact that today there are unified shaders, that is, today the cores for both geometry As for rasterization, they are the same and it should not be a bottleneck today, so it would really be in the rasterization unit.

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In each graphic chip there is a unit that is in charge of converting the values ​​of the geometry in 3 dimensions to a Cartesian system of 2 dimensions so that they can be presented on the screen. So the number of polygons that the GPU can generate is completely equal if it can’t transform enough into pixels that it then paints and textures and displays on the screen.

Today the MTT S80 is disappointing due to the fact that in such visually simple games as Counter-Strike, as soon as the geometry of the scene increases, that is, the number of polygons on the screen, there are quite pronounced drops in frames. In any case, he does not know if the problem is one hundred percent due to limitations of the GPU or the fact that the drivers are not sufficiently developed, the latter being the most insurmountable bottleneck for any novice company that wants to enter the world of graphics cards.

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