The first DDR5 RAM is here, and we already know its price

Although there will be no platforms that make use of DDR5 RAM for a few months (in principle it will be released in the next generation of Intel that is announced for the end of this year), memory manufacturers have already been a couple of months striving their efforts to have the first memory kits ready as soon as possible, and thank goodness they have done it because with the shortage of components that we live, imagine if Intel launches its new platform and there is no RAM by then RAM memory to be able to use it.

This is the price of the first DDR5 RAM kits

Just a few days ago, the manufacturer TeamGroup already announced that it had the first DDR5 memory kits ready, so in essence we already knew almost all the details; The first DDR5 family of the brand will be part of the Elite family of products, but as you can see in the images in this article, they will be quite simple U-DIMM modules, with a black PCB that does not even carry a heatsink.

That they do not have a heatsink is something that we can consider almost normal, since being the first memory kits, their speed does not have factory overclock and therefore they work at 4,800 MHz ex factory, in this case with quite high latencies (CL40- 40-40-77) and a voltage of only 1.1V, so they should not get hot at all once we have them in operation.

But we are going to leave us with preambles and we go to the crux of the matter, the price of these DDR5 memory kits. According to TeamGroup they will initially launch only a 2 × 16 GB kit (that is, the minimum capacity will be 32 GB) at 4,800 MHz for a price of $ 399.99, which will in all probability translate into a price in Spain of around 400 euros. They will be available in the main online stores such as Amazon from the end of June or beginning of July.


Now, is this price expensive? If we compare it with a “standard” kit (without overclocking and without RGB lighting that could make its price more expensive) of 32 GB of DDR4 RAM in two 16 GB modules, we can find the Corsair Vengeance LPX as one of the cheapest products. 3,200 MHz for a price that barely exceeds 200 euros, which means that this first DDR5 RAM memory kit from TeamGroup will cost practically twice the current DDR4.

Initially this is normal, since we are facing a new memory technology and at the beginning it always tends to be quite expensive; We will have to wait for the rest of the manufacturers to launch their DDR5 RAM memory kits to see if the price stabilizes or if, really, investing in the new Intel platform that requires changing from RAM to the new generation will be more expensive from account. Of course, currently having 16 GB DDR4 kits for less than 100 euros, paying 400 euros for the new RAM technology (even if it is double the capacity) seems quite expensive.

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