The first impressions of the LG OLED G2 arrive. Does it finally use OLED.EX technology?

There is less left for the new generation of LG OLED televisions for 2022 to be a reality. It is expected that in the coming months they will officially reach the market, and with the proximity of this event we have already been able to see the first impressions with the LG OLED G2the next flagship of the TV division of the Seoul-based firm.

As expected, the big manufacturers have begun to invite the specialized press to test their novelties. And thanks to this we have been able to learn many more details about this television, since John Archer, Forbes journalist, He has not hesitated to give his opinion after testing the LG OLED G2.

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First impressions with the LG OLED G2: what has improved over the previous model?


For starters, John Archer confirms that the C2 series will feature the same OLED Evo technology that we saw in the LG OLED G1. We already expected this, but now we can confirm that, for now, there will be no OLED.EX technology.

On the other handthe LG OLED G2 stands out from its predecessor for having Brightness Boostera heat sink that improves the performance of the TV by offering better brightness levels and reduces the dangers of image burn-in or retention.

Note that the Korean company made available a 65-inch LG OLED G2, and the results could not be better.

An improved design

Comparative LG OLED G2 vs LG OLED C2
Image owned by AVForum

For starters, the LG OLED G2 has a screen frame that goes from 10.2mm to just 6mm to offer an imposing appearance. To this must be added the use of composite fiber in its construction, reducing its weight from 29 to 23 kilograms, making it more comfortable to ride.

Now the G1’s separate legs are swapped out for a much more premium and useful center stand so you can position it wherever you want. Of course, it seems that the support makes the screen tilt slightly backwards, something that some users may not like.

Note that the beveled edge of the G1 has been changed to a new dual-layer design that gives the LG OLED G2 a cleaner look when hung on the wall. doAnd what about the image quality? Well, John Archer says that it is surprising, and that everything indicates that he uses an OLED.EX panel.

What if the LG OLED G2 uses OLED.EX technology?


In its first impressions, it has published several images comparing the LG G2 with its predecessors, and the change in quality is surprising. More, seeing the very thin frame and the extra brightness of this television. Best of all, is that LG has not confirmed or denied anything. They just say that the LG G2 has been upgraded to use “improved panels” and a new fifth generation of LG’s premium Alpha 9 processor.

lg g2-vs lg c1 brightness

In the different tests he has carried out, the improvement in brightness is palpable. Compared to the LG OLED C1 it is very noticeable. And beware, when comparing the LG OLED G2 with the LG OLED C2, higher brightness levels are also noted. ANDThis improvement is evident both in small areas of maximum brightness and in sustained brightness levels of the entire screen.

LG OLED G2 (left) and LG OLED C2 (right)

The journalist explains that in a fight between Batman and Superman, he was surprised by the shining eyes of the Dark Knight, as well as the flashes of all the bullets that fly around.

In his opinion, he has seen more dynamic images and the result has left him very surprised since he had never seen anything like this on an OLED television. Even believes that the LG OLED G2 will be far superior to the Panasonic LZ2000, whose brightness levels are remarkable.

LG OLED G2 (left) LG OLED C1 (right)

On paper we know that the LG OLED G2 has an improvement in dynamic tone mapping by offering more than 5,000 different areas of the image so the improvement is substantial. And what has surprised him the most is that the LG OLED G2 has made a remarkable leap compared to its predecessors. And everything indicated that the changes would be minimal.

Another demo sequence of a group of men walking through a dense forest in The Revenant on 4K Blu-ray revealed how OLED G2 TVs bring out much more detail in relatively dark areaslike the mossy bark of some trees.

Supposedly, it’s all thanks to the much more localized dynamic tone mapping processing and improved processing of Alpha 9 Gen 5, but also it is very likely that it will be the first television with OLED.EX technology.

Of course, there has been a detail that the Forbes journalist did not like: its colors seemed less saturated than previous models. The blue of the sky seemed paler, and the forests were less lush. It is true that today’s standard OLED technology uses a white sub-pixel to raise its brightness, so the TV would probably have to be configured so that these artifacts do not appear.

It’s still too early to throw bells on the fly. In addition, we must wait until we have the opportunity to test the LG OLED G2 to give our opinion, but at the moment, everything we are seeing makes us understand that it is going to be one of the best options on the market.

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