The first law arrives to end the resale of GPUs and consoles

It is very possible that you are one of those users who is fed up and tired of the speculation that haunts the web with graphics cards and consoles, where it is almost impossible to acquire one at a price even close to the MSRP. The problem is much more serious as we saw last week, but since not everything is going to be bad news, finally there is someone who moves to try to solve the problem. The first law against bots Mass buying is underway.

How to compete against a bot? And against several? Well, it is practically impossible. There are bots to give and take, from those who use banks, speculators, investors to move money on the stock market, to those who buy and sell stocks or cryptocurrencies in milliseconds. But just as these are used for these purposes, there are also them to buy GPUs and consoles in record time and they manage to bypass all restrictions in increasingly sophisticated ways.

US moves tab: Stopping Grinch Bots Act

Now we know that the US takes this problem seriously, especially in the face of Christmas and after months of work on Monday the first law was presented to stop bots in the purchase of consoles, graphics cards and even highly popular toys in the aforementioned country.

Curiously, this new law is based on an existing one that has been in force since 2016 and that regulates the sale of tickets, such as those for concerts or certain NBA, NFL or similar games. The project is in identical form except for the pertinent qualifications for where it is directed according to Charles Schumer, majority leader of the United States Senate, who argues the following:

The average holiday shopper can’t compete with the speed of light of the common robot. Then resellers and third parties try to resell them when users try to buy Christmas gifts. After a particularly difficult year, no parent or American should have to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars to buy Christmas and holiday gifts for their loved ones.

And no doubt he is right, where this law also has the support of the Consumer Federation and the National League of that country, so it has all the possible impulse, but it was not always like that …

Two years of waiting and without guarantees

The truth is that this law as such does not offer guarantees close to 100% in the field of monitoring and enforcement, since what it intends is to make illegal the use of software or bots that circumvent the measures of stores, wholesalers and retailers. that have been implemented to try to block the practice of mass buying.

The law was presented in 2019 and has been debating, retouching and reviewing, the truth is that it was stalled for two years by both chambers since it did not satisfy both parties. And is that the political environment in the United States is widely distributed by the two main groups, so legislating is slow and tedious even in this climate of need.

Logically, this Law only affects the US, but other countries could already take the example, the EU the first, because the issue has been distorted to clear speculation. Is it the beginning of the end for high prices on graphics cards and consoles? It doesn’t seem like it, but it could help alongside the change in Ethereum and the departure of newer GPUs with performance limitations and better locks.

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