The first MacBook Pro with M2 are already reaching their users

MacBook Pro with M2

On June 6, Apple announced that some MacBook Pro models would incorporate the new M2 chip, which guarantees that the interior of these computers will be capable of developing unusual capabilities to date. With better performance than its predecessor, the M1, Apple wants this computer to become one of the brand’s flagships, with permission from the Air model. Users who were attentive to the event and reserved the computer on that same day, they are already starting to receive the units in their homes. Many images and news attest to this.

We already have the MacBook Pro with M2 in the homes of many users and that means that we go from data on paper and official data from Apple to data verified by thousands of independent users that they will want to verify if the figures given by the company are as reflected in the specifications. We will also see from this moment on a lot of analysis on YouTube from many specialists who will tell us the benefits but also the cons, depending on who financed the video at that time.

What we do know for sure is that on paper, the new MacBook Pro with M2 arrives with higher specifications than the previous model, how could it be otherwise. We know that it is a computer with superior performance, but for now it stays in the 13 inches and with a price from 1,619 euros. Keep in mind that the MacBook Air with the same processor starts at 100 euros less and with the same inches, but with less weight. Matter of choosing.

You may be wondering why, some users already have their MacBook Pro if today is the 24th and in Spain at least, we have just started the day, as the one who says. Well the reason is because the users who have received your computer are located in Australia where they have been for several hours on that date.

Also, as New Zealand currently does not have an Apple store in the country, all of their customers are receiving their new MacBook Pro M2. in their homes.

Enjoy it and pay attention to the bell that yours is about to arrive. By the way if you hadn’t booked don’t worry because you can buy it now and pick it up in store the same day. At least in Madrid at the Apple Store in Puerta del Sol.

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