The first next-generation AMD processor is already in the oven

In this case, AMD would be planning the release of Zen 5 for next year, as we already mentioned a few days ago, however, more data has now appeared that shows that they would already be working on it.

First AMD Zen 5 CPU?

And it is that two supposed entries of the next processor with AMD Zen 5 have been detected, this would include an SKU with 8 cores and 16 threads.

This new technology leaked into a RoadMap where he let us see that Zen 5 together with Navi 3.5 It would come out in 2024, everything seemed to tell us that it would be the Ryzen 8000 that would incorporate them, however, everything was a simple leak and although it seems that it indicated that deadlines would be met, it was not at all certain.

AMD ZEN 5 2024

Now we have more information and it seems that AMD could have started the production and testing of the first batch of these processors in its laboratory, since some entries of this new chip made it to the online database.

Twitter User Image

AMD Eng Sample: 100-000001290-11_N
AuthenticAMD Family 26 Model 64 Stepping 0
AMD Eng Sample: 100-000001290-11_N
Radeon RX 7900 GRE 16GB

*IF* these results are real, these are Zen 5 CPUs (Family 25 was used for Zen 3 and 4)

June 07, 2023 • 23:10

It was the Twitter user @BenchLeaks who released this news ensuring the appearance of these new processors within the Einstein and LHC databases.

As can be seen within the processor line we see the following:

CPU Type: AuthenticAMD AMD Eng Sample: 100-000001290-11_N [Family 26 Model 64 Stepping 0]

If we look at the end of the line, Family 26 would appear, a word that tells us a lot, since the previous models with Zen 3 and Zen 4 were families 24 and 25, therefore there is a new processor with the name of family 26 would indicate the arrival and therefore already put into action of the processors with Zen 5.

In addition to AMD Zen 5, two graphics cards that we had not seen were used. One of them is the AMD Radeon RX 7900 GRE, equipped with 16 GB of memory, and the other a Radeon RX GPU, which would have something less, with 12 GB of memory. Therefore we could be facing a new graphics card not yet known, as well as a version of the RX 7800.

amd ryzen gaming processor

In summary, there is no 100% official data or confirmed by the brand itself, but all the details that are being seen would indicate that we are very close to discovering these new processors and therefore that the deadlines to see them in operation and for sale in 2024 they are more than possible.

Anyway AMD has an event next week and we are sure that something about all this will reveal. It is possible that the tests they are carrying out in their laboratories at the moment have something to do with the ones they want to show us. We will be very attentive to everything they can say or reveal and we will bring it to you as always.

For now we will have no choice but to continue enjoying their processors while waiting to see what they surprise us with next year.

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