The first reconditioned iMac M1s begin to be seen in the Apple Store

New iMac 2021

The new 24-inch iMac Apple Silicon was launched on the market in April. Well, the first reconditioned units for sale have already begun to appear in the Apple Store, both on the US and UK websites.

We all know that sometimes buying a device is a good option reconditioned in the official Apple Store. You can save a little money, and you know that the company has completely revised it and gives it to you as new. The only thing that changes is the outer box. So if you are thinking of looking for a refurbished iMac M1, wait a few days because some units are already starting to appear in the Apple Store. To the parrot!

It has only been four months since Apple launched the first iMac with processor M1, and the first reconditioned units for sale on Apple’s website are beginning to appear.

At the moment they have only appeared on the website of USA and from United Kingdom, but we all know that they will soon appear in any country. It is the first time that the first units of said refurbished 24-inch iMac have appeared since its launch in April.

So if you are thinking of buying the new 24-inch iMac and you do not care that it is reconditioned, you can go looking at the website of the Apple Store in its reconditioned section. The savings may depend on the model, but it will surely be between 200 and 300 Euros compared to the price of the same new device.

Appleā€™s refurbished iMac M1s are sold with the same one year warranty It is offered with a new device, plus they come with all User manuals and accessories in their box. Apple uses a rigorous testing, repair, repackaging and cleaning process to ensure that refurbished devices are identical to new devices.

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