The first reviews of Eternals … may not be what you expected

Eternals, a different proposal

It is true that all MCU films receive excessive attention when it comes time to promote themselves and show off on the red carpet, but in the case of Eternals, Let’s say it has an extra incentive. Keep in mind that it is a very choral film, full of great stars (Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Kit Harington, Richard Madden …) and directed by a director, ChloĆ© zhao, which swept the last edition of the Oscars with the tape Nomadland.

All this has made the expectation even greater if possible, setting the bar very high when it comes to evaluating the movie marvelita. And it is that after all, not every day you have a cast like this on screen or a reputed independent film director is in charge of making a superhero movie. Remember that in this production we will meet the Eternal, beings with special powers sent by the Celestials to Earth to keep the Deviants at bay and may our planet and humanity prosper.

Has the Marvel Studios proposal fulfilled what was expected? That is exactly what we are going to be able to verify now thanks to the criticism that the first viewers are leaving on the famous website Rotten tomatoes.

A disappointment?

The film file on the aforementioned website currently has very diverse reviews ranging from “fun and rewarding”, in the words of an editor from Variety, to such devastating phrases as “It may not be the worst of Marvel movies, but it is certainly the most disappointing,” from a BBC critic.

Possibly given the high budget invested in the film and the characteristics mentioned above, it is surprising that it has not had a better reception among the experts who point out that the characters they do not end up bringing benefit to the film, which lacks of the “cheerful wit” of other Marvel proposals or that has no rhythm and lasts a eternity -very sharp the latter.

Not everything is bad in his collection of criticisms, be careful. There are also those who point out that it is work more emotionally intimate To date of the study, the most different film in the company’s catalog or that has a beautiful and very visual story.

In short, many expected the feature film directed by Zhao to be a resounding success and, at least for now, it has gathered such disparate opinions that it is difficult to position oneself. We will have to wait for the film to be released on the big screen (which will happen on November 5th both in the US and Spain) to finish knowing what the sovereign public thinks, that great fan who goes to the movie theater. We will see.

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