The first touchscreen MacBook is in development, say Bloomberg

The first MacBook with a touch screen is in development and could hit the market in a couple of years, says the Bloomberg editor, usually very well informed of what is going on at the Cupertino headquarters.

Industry, consumers and the media are surprised that a company like Apple has not entered the convertible market, which has become a very important segment within the large group of laptops, but whose offer only comes from Windows. Apple has tried to cover this with the iPad Pro tablets, considering that these are a replacement for laptops once accessories such as keyboards and stylus pens have been added. But clearly they are not the same.

First MacBook with touchscreen

the ill-fated Steve Jobs did not want to see (not even paint) this type of product at Apple because they were “ergonomically horrible” and came to compare convertibles as “the combination of a toaster and a refrigerator”. Really, the genius had his hobbies and was not always right. He also didn’t want to develop large iPhones, or add stylus pens to his mobility devices. And many years before, at the launch of the first iPhone, he had refused to include third-party apps. (If today I saw the billing of the App Store…)

All those decisions were reversed over time. And it is that, although Apple has innovated like few others, it has also copied the strategy of others and ended up keeping pace with the market. Adding digitizers to Mac laptops may be next, de facto de facto Apple’s entry into the convertible market.

Bloomberg says there are many Apple engineers involved in the project, indicating that the company is seriously considering producing touch-controlled Macs. We don’t know the type of design, whether to just add the touch screen to begin with or the company will produce a completely new device in the form of a typical convertible with 360 hinges and multiple functions from tablet to laptop.

This new feature would be in line with the renewal of the MacBook Pro for which Apple plan to use OLED screens. As for the operating system, the first MacBook with a touch screen would continue to use macOS and not iOS or the tablet variant. We’ll tell you. Would you buy a MacBook with a touch screen? Do you think it would boost laptop sales or reduce sales for iPad Pro tablets?

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