The first “unboxing” videos of the new MacBook Pro appear

As always happens, Apple has not yet delivered the first ordered units of the new MacBook Pro to their owners, and the first videos are already appearing on YouTube «unboxing»Of said laptops.

They are usually from Apple distributors, who are not yet authorized to deliver them to their customers, but they themselves unpack a unit within their stores and thus be the first to post the expected unpacking videos of the new ones. Macbook pro. So let’s see a couple of them.

The first sold units of the powerful new MacBook Pros introduced last week will not be delivered until October 26th. However, some “privileged” have already been able to unpack a unit, and show it on YouTube.

They are usually some retail store Apple’s distributor, which, although the company prohibits it from delivering orders before next Tuesday, cannot resist the temptation and unpacks a unit inside the stores, thus posting the first “unboxing” videos on YouTube.

The first video that we show below, of eight minutes in length, it offers a complete look at the 16-inch model, although we do not know what they explain because it is narrated in Vietnamese. In it you can see the side ports, the new MagSafe 3 connection, the SD card slot and the HDMI port.

In a second video that we can see below, much shorter than the previous one, it focuses on the experience of unpacking per se. After lifting the lid, users can pull a tab to lift the MacBook Pro’s protective casing out of the box.

After removing it from the box and opening the lid, the MacBook Pro starts up, and the traditional process of setting of the laptop. If you have one ordered, chances are that tomorrow you will be the one to open one of those boxes that appear in the videos. Enjoy it.

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