The first USB-C cables for 240W charging are announced

As reported by Tom’s Hardware, the first USB-C cables for 240W charging although they are not yet available for purchase, roughly a year after the USB Implementers Forum announced the implementation of the specification in the popular connector system.

According to the information indicated, a company called Club3D has been responsible for introducing these new USB-C cables, whose main virtue on paper is the aforementioned 240W charge, which translated into data transmission boast a rate of no less than from up to 40Gbps.

The specifications of these new USB-C cables are based on the Extended Power Range (EPR or Extended Power Range in Spanish) standard announced by the USB Implementers Forum last year, this is, USB-C 2.1with the capacity to offer up to 240W, or 48V at 5A.

The capabilities of these powerful USB-C cables also include support for 8K video output at 60fps depending on the model, based on which the bandwidth for data transfer will be determined, since the 240W charging power is shared by all.

There are three models of USB-C cables with these characteristics announced by Club3D. Its own basic specifications consist of:

  • CAC-1573: 2 meter USB-C 2.0 cable with 480 Mbps speed and 240W charging (48V / 5A)
  • CAC-1575– 2 meter USB-C 4 Gen 2×2 cable with 20Gbps speed, 4K/60Hz video output and 240W charging (48V/5A)
  • CAC-1576– 1 meter USB-C 4 Gen 3×2 cable with 40Gbps speed, 8K/60Hz video output and 240W charging (48V/5A)

For more information, the product page.

The question in any case is who needs this, at least right now, because the teams (gamers very demanding, for example) with such energy needs they are not usually charged like this, although everything is just around the corner as they say and even smartphones point in this direction.

Be that as it may, if you are interested in these high-performance USB-C cables, although they are already listed in the Club3D store, they still do not have a price or a definitive release date, but you will find them on Amazon and some other specialized stores when they arrive the moment. That’s it.

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