The five most sought-after Wii releases

If there is a company in the world of video games that is characterized by innovation, that is, without a doubt, Nintendo. Over the years, it has also been launching some of the most legendary consoles… like the one we are going to talk about here today. Surely you have had one, because Wii was almost 20 years ago the sauce of all parties at the home of friends and family.

Nintendo Wii may be, without fear of being wrong, the most revolutionary console so far this century. With its movement control mechanics, which were copied by other companies on multiple occasions –Sony with the PS Move or Microsoft with Kinect–, it was undoubtedly ahead of its time and achieved an unthinkable goal for many companies: to achieve that in almost all households would have one, in the living room, ready to start the umpteenth party.

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Like most consoles and games that Nintendo puts up for sale, They quickly become collector’s items. although in the case of Wii not enough time has passed for them to be revalued and reach crazy numbers. So it’s a good time to start collecting those rarities that, who knows, if in the future they will trade at impossible prices. If you go ahead now, you are still saving a few hundred euros… which never hurts.

Here you have those five rarities for Wii PAL that you surely want to buy now.

5. Wii 25th Anniversary Super Mario Bros. Limited Edition

The special editions of consoles are a real candy for collectors. In this case, for the 25th anniversary of Nintendo’s mustachioed plumber, the company launched this limited version of the Wii that imitated the colors of the classic video game mushroom, Although its price is by no means amazing, $300.29 isn’t bad at all.

4. Samurai Shodown Anthology

Video game compilations are also highly sought after by collectors. Samurai Showdown Anthology it brought us in a single box all the titles of the franchise so far, indeed, the first six. If you are fans of this SNK fighting saga, you will have to have $330.95 on hand.

3. Wii Console Black: Wii Sports + Wii Sports Resort Edition

This variant of the original Wii had two peculiarities. The first, and most obvious, is that it came in a black color. The second is that, in addition, it had a package along with the two Wii Sports games, titles that many of us have played an indecent number of times. To have it in your hands you will have to shell out $333.05.

2.Legend of Sayuki

If you enjoy video games that tell “hero’s journey” type stories, you may have come across this title that puts us in the shoes of a goddess who will have to enter a wild and unknown world that reminds us a lot in its aesthetics of the sets Pokemon. Its price in good condition can even reach $441.

1. Wii Console White: Wii Sports + Wii Sports Resort Edition

Although the black variant is highly prized by collectors, nothing beats the original white Wii. In this package with WiiSports and Wii Sports Resort we’d have almost unlimited hours of group fun, if you could get hold of her of course. Such is the rarity of her that if you want to add it to your collection of Nintendo consoles you will have to pay $449.9.

And you? Do you have any of these in your collection?

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