The flight of engineers from the Apple Car project follows

Apple’s project to one day have a car, autonomous or not, among its product line, is still far from being a reality. And with each passing week, it seems that the day of the launch of the Apple car.

In recent weeks, there are several managers of the Titan project They have left the company for new ventures at other companies, and today we just learned that three more engineers are leaving the Apple Park offices. An unequivocal sign that the project is leaking …

Bloomberg has just reported that Apple has lost three more engineers who were working on the Apple Car project. They have abandoned the idea of ​​the Apple car to join another project that a priori can also be somewhat adventurous: a flying taxi.

Eric Rogers is one of three new escapees. He worked as chief engineer for the future Apple Car radar system. Rogers has left Apple to join the flying taxi startup. Joby Aviation Inc. Alex Clarabut, is another of the three engineers who have changed their scene. He was involved in the Apple Car battery project, and has also left Apple to work alongside Rogers at Joby Aviation Inc.

In addition to Rogers and Clarabut, Stephen Spiteri, another Apple engineer who was on the project Apple car, has also joined the same flying taxi startup. Bloomberg comments in his report that despite Apple’s efforts to build its own autonomous car, the project’s own engineers are unclear about it.

Many escaped in a short time

For a few months, there are already several senior managers who were in the Apple Car project who are leaving the company. Recently, Michael Schwekutsch, who left Tesla to join Apple in 2019, has left the company to work for the firm Archer. And a few days ago, we reported that Soonho ahn, the Apple Car batteries project manager, had also run off to Volkswagen.

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