The Fox Now app is no longer available on the third-generation Apple TV

The third-generation Apple TV It will no longer have the Fox Now application. It is not the first and we fear it will not be the last. In this year alone, YouTube, CBS All Access, and MLB apps removed their apps from this Apple TV model.

As detected by Appleosophy, Fox Now announced in May that it would no longer support third-generation Apple TV. mid June. The day has come and the application is no longer supported, but it has also been removed from the Apple TV home screen. We remind you that this Fox application, users can view channel content live and always on demand, including television programs, sports games, latest news, animations and more. For now, the app requires iOS 12 or later or tvOS 13 or later, which means that only fourth-generation or newer Apple TV models are compatible with the app.

For those who still have a 3rd gen Apple TV and don’t plan to upgrade, there is always a workaround. AirPlay content can be streamed from iPhone or iPad to set-top box, which means you can still watch FOX NOW content or any other stream you want. To see Paramount +, for example, which is not available on the third-generation Apple TV, you can subscribe to the channel in the TV app on your iPhone and then find it in the TV app on the older Apple TV.

It is logical that the applications are no longer compatible with this Apple TV model considering that we have it on the market since 9 years ago. It is too many years for application providers to continue to trust this device, especially when we have the fourth generation at full capacity.

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