The Free Series 70 GB mobile plan is at the low price of €10.99

Until March 8, 2022, Free is launching its Free Series 70 GB mobile plan at €10.99 per month. The ideal opportunity for people wanting to subscribe to a non-binding offer, with a large internet envelope, all around 10 euros per month.

Free Series 70 GB

If you want to subscribe to a cheap mobile plan, then Free Mobile has what it takes. the operator offers a very interesting offer that allows you to take advantage of 70 GB for €10.99 per month for one year. As we have already used to it, beyond the promotional period, the 70 GB package automatically switches to that of 210 G0 5G at € 19.99 per month (€ 15.99 for Freebox subscribers). However, when the latter comes to an end, nothing prevents you from canceling since it is without engagement.

To come to the services offered in this Free Series, there is 70 GB of internet to be used in Metropolitan France, but also a dedicated envelope of 10 GB usable from Europe and the overseas departments. The classics Unlimited calls, MMS and SMS are also part of it. Free also gives you premium access to the Free Ligue 1 app. This allows you to follow the best of the Ligue 1 Uber Eats football championship from your smartphone!

The SIM card is payable at the time of subscription, only once. It has the advantage of being triple cut to adapt to all models of telephones on the market. Finally, be aware that the offer is valid for any new subscription, and reserved for people who have not subscribed to the Free Package in the 30 days preceding this subscription.

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