The Freestyle projector back in stock on the Samsung Shop

Great news: you can once again get The Freestyle all-terrain headlamp from the Samsung Shop! Discover all the details of this new generation projector below.

The Freestyle

We already told you about it at the beginning of the month, and here it resurfaces on the Samsung Shop: The Freestyle projector is once again available for purchase from the Korean manufacturer!

As versatile as it is high-end, it is available from €999. But be careful, there are only 100 pieces available! Stocks will therefore run out very quickly and we can only advise you not to waste a second.

Compact, versatile and smart: THE projector to follow in 2022

Samsung took advantage of CES 2022 in Las Vegas at the start of the year to present its revolution in the world of video projectors: The Freestyle. It is a portable, compact and easy to use projector. You can put it on any support and it can project your content on the ceiling or the wall opposite. Remarkable fact: if you put it on a support that is not stable, The Freestyle can adapt and still offer you a clean and straight image.

It also automatically adjusts projected content to ensure it’s straight and rectangular, without you having to do anything.

Another good point: you can take it everywhere with you thanks to its very light weight of only 800 grams. It can also be recharged using an external battery of 50W/20V and more.

Regarding the size of the projected screen, again, The Freestyle is strong. The projector can broadcast your content from 0.8m from the wall and up to 2.7m. Depending on its distance from the wall, the projected screen will be larger or smaller. You can enjoy a screen of:

  • 30″ at 0.8 from the wall.
  • 55″ at 1.5m from the wall.
  • 65″ at 1.7m from the wall.
  • 75″ at 2m from the wall.
  • 100″ at 2.7m from the wall.

On its technical sheet, there is also a 5W 360-degree speaker, PurColor, Full HD, HDR compatibility, access to the Tizen platform, Bixby and Alexa voice assistants, as well as connection with your mobile. with just one click.

This article is a sponsored post offered by Samsung.

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