The French appreciate mobile operators, but not ISPs whose services are deteriorating, according to Arcep

Arcep has published the conclusions of the annual Customer Satisfaction Observatory. The ranking of the most popular providers has not changed.

The annual Customer Satisfaction Observatory is a snapshot of the current state of the telecom sector as well as a list of actions to be taken by ISPs and mobile operators to improve their quality of service. Arcep establishes a ranking of the best Internet and telephone service providers French. The market has four major players: Bouygues, Free, Orange and SFR, and the Authority has instructed the CSA institute to ask the French to rate their Internet and mobile service providers. The survey took place at the end of 2022, and the results have just been released.

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This year again, the hierarchy seems confirmed. Orange remains number one in customer satisfaction, with an average of 8 out of 10. Free is on the heels of the incumbent operator with 7.9/10, while Bouygues remains on the third step of the podium, with 7.6/10. Time passes, and nothing changes for SFR, firmly anchored in its fourth place, with a rating of 7.2. It should be noted that the average satisfaction index for all operators increased by 1% compared to the previous year. A gap that is not enough to eclipse the real problem facing the French.

The French complain about the quality of the Internet connection on fixed networks

In fact, 48% of respondents complained of having a quality problem with their Internet service provider. Worse still, we reach the 56% dissatisfaction with ISPs if we take into account the ratings given for “cold calling” campaigns. According to Arcep, the situation has indeed worsened since 2021, since the “I alert Arcep” platform, which provides information on the remedies in the event of a dispute and which provides recommendations, has noted a massive increase in reporting.

Credit: Arcep

While in 2021, 38,000 users turned to the Regulatory Authority to resolve their problem, the number of alerts increased increased by 17% in 2022to reach 44600. 82% of these complaints concerned the quality of the fixed Internet connection.

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