The French spend an average of 2.5 hours on the Internet per day, is that all?

Médiamétrie has published its annual barometer on the use of the Internet by the French. The study reveals that they consult the Internet on average 2 hours and 26 minutes per day. Of all the age groups, the 25-49 year olds surf the least. 92% of French households are equipped with the Internet and mobile phones are widely preferred to connect to it.

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Since 2019, we have been living in an exceptional situation, even if the exceptional character no longer seems to be so. We have experienced several confinements, social distancing, barrier gestures and teleworking. So we spend more time on the internet to keep in touch, but also to work, have fun and learn. This led us to renew our equipment, generating a sharp increase in sales of electronic equipment. Some studies claim that this is one of the reasons for component shortages.

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2021 was not a year like 2020. Little by little we came back to school or to work. We started going to the movies again. So we spent less time at home. Has this had an impact on our internet usage? MediaMetrie says no. The institute has published its annual barometer on web usage in France. And the first conclusion is that we spent on average as much time online in 2021 as in 2020.

The French consult the Internet 2 hours and 26 minutes per day on average

According to Mediametrya Frenchman, aged 15 to 64, spent 2 hours and 26 minutes per day on average on the Internet. Of course, the average is different depending on the age group. Young people between the ages of 15 and 24 spent almost four hours online each day and the age group between 50 and 64 spent 2 hours and 31 minutes. This last population connected 13% longer in 2021 than in 2020. These are therefore the working people who spent the least time online according to its figures, which explains why this average is ultimately not so high.

Internet has become a daily tool for all French people. 92% of households have a home connection. And 53.5 million people visited sites each month. More than 70% visited health-related sites. Around 25% used collaborative tools for their work. 30 million consulted a site to find a video program to watch, 44 million a news site, 22.5 million a sports site, 15 million podcasts and 16.5 million sites to schedule an outing. Consultation of websites remains dominated by smartphones which represent two thirds of the time spent online by the French.

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