The fully electric BMW i4 that will be 100% compatible with the Apple Watch

It will be necessary to agree with BMW when he said that he did not care much that an electric Apple Car was launched on the market. The German company knows that it takes a lot of experience in this field, so much so that it is already preparing the launch of what will be the new fully electric vehicle. The good thing about BMW is that it continues to think of users and especially those of Apple. That’s why the car will have a very complete App for the Apple Watch.

BMW is waiting to launch what will be its new fully electric vehicle. The i4 will come from the hand of an application for the Apple Watch that is expected to be very complete and to provide a lot of information about the car. In order not to leave anything in the pipeline, the German company has just launch a survey among your users in which it asks what they would like to see or have in that application.

The electric sedan has a range of 480 kilometers and you need to know from your future buyers and owners of Apple devices, what are the needs they will have in the future regarding their understanding with the Apple Watch. Here’s how BMW describes the survey:

“Your feedback is extremely valuable to us as it helps us design the My BMW Apple Watch app according to your personal needs and preferences. »

This new application for the Apple Watch will be able to provide vehicle information, lock or unlock doors, control the weather, view cameras, etc, but you need to know if you are on the right track or need to add some more functionality or remove some. You never know the preferences of the users. In fact, the survey asks if they own an electric, hybrid or combustion vehicle, so It is thought that this new App could be compatible with other models of the company.

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