The function that many requested for the iPhone could arrive very soon

WWDC is the event in which Apple presents each year the news that its new operating systems will have that are launched on the market a few months later. Among all of them is iOS, well, one of the functions that users have requested the most seems to be coming with this new version, making it possible for all those who have a compatible iPhone to enjoy it. Keep reading that we tell you what it is about.

The leaks about the functions and news that the different Apple operating systems bring do not occur so frequently as what happens with the devices, and that is that in the end, many more people have access to the new Apple equipment due to the production chains, while with the versions of the operating systems only those in charge of “contact” This is also found in Cupertino.

Widgets on iPhone

Even so, it always happens that, before the celebration of the WWDC Keynote, some information about these new versions is leaked, and that is exactly what has happened with iOS 17, that some of the suspected new features or enhancements that it could have the operating system that most iPhones will carry from September 2023, and one of them you will surely love.

Interactive widgets could arrive with iOS 17

The leak we are talking about suggests that Apple could include interactive widgets in iOS 17, which would mean that on a functional level the iPhone would once again take a considerable leap. When the Cupertino company introduced the widgets on the iPhone’s main screen, the vast majority of users celebrated it, but many also argued that in the end the “only” thing that these elements allowed on the screen was and is to display informationand that it would be a very big leap if, in addition to being able to see what is inside the widget, one could also interact with it, that is, it would not be necessary to actually enter the application to perform actions according to what.

iPhone 14 Pro Max overhead

Definitely It is one of the great novelties that, if Apple really confirms at WWDC that this is the case, it would give a quality leap to the functionality of the devices since, as we have said, it would allow users to perform some actions without actually having to enter the application. However, and this usually happens whenever the Cupertino company launches a novelty like this, once it becomes official, it is already in the hands of the app developers, the fact of providing more or less facilities when taking advantage of this advantage that Apple, in theory, will grant with iOS 17.

However, as we have commented on numerous occasions, this is only a rumor that, fortunately, in just two months we will be able to find out if it is true or not, since WWDC will be held on June 5the date chosen by the Cupertino company to announce all the news of both iOS 17 and the rest of the operating systems, as well as certain products that it could present.

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