The function to download music from Spotify on the Apple Watch begins to roll out

Download Spotify songs on Apple Watch

Last May, Spotify announced that it was working to offer the ability to download songs to the Apple Watch so that paying users they can listen to their favorite music without the need for a data connection. According to Gadgets and Wearables, several users have begun to receive this function.

Apparently, the number of users who have begun to enjoy this long-awaited function is growing, so it is more than likely that throughout this week, if you are a paying user of this streaming music platform, you can also start using it.

Download Spotify songs on Apple Watch

This new feature is now available to a large number of users from the United States, Germany, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Portugal, Canada and the United Kingdom, among other countries, a function that is activated after receiving a new update of the app.

Everything seems to indicate that Spotify is gradually rolling out this function to check if it works correctly and thus be able to solve any problems before rolling it out worldwide. The version of Spotify that allows you to download songs for playback without an internet connection is number

If this is not the latest version you have of the application, take a look at the App Store Let’s see, if hopefully, the new version is already available in your country.

According to the guys from Gadgets and Wearables, to download songs on the Apple Watch, you must click on the three points to the right of each song and select Download on this device. Just below that is the Download option on the Apple Watch.

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