The funniest ideas to play a prank on your friends on their PC

We all have a certain friend who is suspicious of his computer and the moment something that he does not control happens to him, he suddenly despairs. And more when an acquaintance messes with the computer. So in order to release tension and help things not be taken so seriously, We have decided to compile a series of pranks that you can do to your friends who are most addicted to the PC.

Those of us who have ever dedicated ourselves to providing technical support to people, there is a type of user that we do not support, those who treat their computer as if it were a child and are suspicious that you touch their beloved device. We are not talking about hobbyists with a healthy mindset, but people who require a disconnect from their PC and not take things so seriously.

What pranks can I do on other people’s PC?

Obviously we are not referring to our PC, since then it is not funny. However, seeing the reaction of your coworkers, roommates, or a family member will be very fun when they encounter these situations. Of course, we advise you to calculate the emotional state of the victim very well, lest in the end a situation that you cannot control ends up occurring.

The fake update screen

Do you want the person you want to talk to to not go directly to the PC for a moment? Well, when it is not, do the following steps:

  1. Open the internet browser and type:
  2. Select one of the screens that they offer you, obviously try to select one that corresponds to the operating system that your acquaintance uses.
  3. Press F11 to enter full screen.
    • All animations have a little program that triggers a fake blue screen of death if the enter key is pressed.

Control the pointer remotely

If your victim uses a Bluetooth or RF connection mouse, it is possible that, entering the range of reach, your mouse ends up being the one that takes control of his pointer and not his own. It is best to do this with a device that has its own wireless adapter. Plug it in without him knowing and start controlling the mouse on his screen without the poor user knowing what’s going on.

Bluetooth Mouse RF Adapter

The Poltergeist on another’s PC, one of the best jokes

There is nothing better than surprising someone with a screamer or suddenly launching an unexpected program. To do this we must have accessed the computer of whom we want to play the joke on. So if we do not know the user password we will not be able to carry out this joke. You can find the application by following the path from the start menu:

  • Start.
    • All the programs.
      • Accessories
        • System tools.

From there you can use the program to select certain actions that the system will do at a specific time. So you can also use it for recursive maintenance tasks on your computer. In any case, we recommend that if you want it to be credible and whoever you have made the joke believes, that you end up creating a credible situation, the one-time joke is very funny. But the most subtle pranks are those in which the person has not realized that they are being pranked.

Windows scheduled tasks

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