The funniest zombie game returns a week earlier than expected

dead island 2 launch

Dead Island 2 It was scheduled to hit stores on April 28 to put an end to the endless wait that this second sequel has had for many years. Well, in times when delays tend to be the general trend (and in which he himself has suffered in his flesh), an advance is something quite surprising that we have to celebrate.

Dead Island 2 arrives early

dead island 2 launch

When we thought that Dead Island would arrive on February 3, 2023 (by now we would have it in our hands), a fateful delay pushed its release to April 28, 2023. We had already made up our minds that things would be It would stay that way, but fortunately Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios have announced that the game will arrive before what they had announced. To be exact, a week before

And it will be finally on April 21, 2023 when the second installment of Dead Island hits stores around the world.

Why do you like Dead Island so much?

dead island 2 launch

Zombies and crazy weapons is a combination that always tends to work, and if you add a touch of black humor and a lot of gore to that, the result is impossible to avoid. The first Dead Island managed to capture the attention of players long before it was released, and all thanks to its launch trailer.

The unforgettable reverse camera video captivated many with its original proposal, and that gave the launch of the game a boost. But besides that, the game was really liked for its mechanics and the possibility of transforming the weapons that you found on your way.

Los Angeles awaits you

dead island 2 launch

A recreation of Los Angeles jokingly called “Los Diablos” (Hell-A) is the city in which we will have to move avoiding at all costs the bite of a zombie. There will be no shortage of apocalyptic weapons and utensils with which to destroy zombies on your way, being able to choose the most original way to do it. Shoot a gas can? Cause an electric shock? Smash a bottle in the face of a zombie? Or opt for the classic and effective katana?

In Hell-A you will discover who you really are, since for some reason you are immune to the pathogen and you develop a series of quite effective powers. You can play alone or in cooperative mode with up to 3 players, so fun is more than guaranteed.

April 21 on all these platforms

Dead Island 2 will arrive on April 21 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5 and PC (Epic Games), so now yes, you can definitely put the mark on the calendar.

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