the future hit of the Xbox Series X pays for a trailer of pure madness

The Fable license is making a comeback in a reboot planned for Xbox Series X and PC. The game showed up in a first trailer during the Xbox Games Showcase. A title on which Microsoft is betting a lot, which wants to make it its future big box.


The reboot of Fable was announced by Microsoft in 2020 via a short teaser and since then we have had no news! He showed up again during the Xbox Games Show 2023, Microsoft’s big conference. This time we got to see more.

This trailer for Fable (as the reboot is soberly called) opened the conference. First thing to know, it is not a kinematics in computer generated image, but well done with the game engine.

Fable finally shows up in a video and reveals his new identity

This video picks up the tone so british of the first parts. We can see the actor Richard Ayoade (The IT Crowd) talking about the hero and presenting the universe of the game. This one will include elements inspired by the tale Jack and the Beanstalk. Difficult to get a precise idea of ​​the title given that we have no gameplay images for the moment, but the atmosphere seems to be there. There is also great care taken with facial animations.

As a reminder, Fable is developed by Playground Games, a studio that already has the confidence of Microsoft and players, since it is at work on the Forza Horizon series. Dramatic change for developers who face a new challenge.

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The Fable series debuted in 2004 on Xbox under the aegis of Peter Molyneux, whimsical creator then at the head of Lionhead Studios. The saga had a second part in 2008 then a third in 2010. After a remaster of the first episode in 2014, the license disappeared from the radar. This new episode is a reboot under the aegis of a new team.

Fable takes place in Albion, a fantasy world inspired by British folklore. The main advantage of the title is to leave a great freedom to the player. He must of course save the world, but can also live his life, buy a house, marry an NPC or even have children. A real life simulation with a layer of RPG.

No release date yet, but Fable will be available on Xbox Series X, on PC and will be included day-one in Game Pass, like all Microsoft exclusives.

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