The future of augmented reality may lie in these connected lenses

InWith is a connected lens company that made sparks with its presentation at the last CES.

Every year the world of new technologies surprises us, and new products reinvent the uses of millions of people every day. But despite this, some advances, yet promised to the general public for years, seem to be denied to us. This is for example the case of connected glasses, which despite the concepts of Google and the products of Snapchat or Facebook, have never succeeded in seducing the general public.

Something that could change in 2022, however, when several big names in tech are interested in the augmented reality markets. This is for example the case of Apple which plans, according to some rumors, to release an augmented and virtual reality headset by the end of the year. But while waiting to know what the Cupertino company has in store for us, other companies have not waited for the blessing of the apple to launch into the world of augmented reality.

Connected lenses that also correct vision

This is the case with InWith, which offers a concept of connected lenses capable of displaying notifications directly on our eye. It was two weeks ago, during the last edition of CES, that the young brand made its way between MSI and other Dell. Arriving in Vegas with something exotic to say the least, InWith went quite unnoticed at the show.

But still, InWith’s soft lenses are quite surprising. Indeed, they are both capable of correcting eyesight, such as conventional lenses, but also of displaying some notifications directly in front of the eyes. The electronic circuit is directly in the hydrogel of the lens, which saves space and flexibility.

A concept that could succeed

If for the moment the product is only a concept, the company seems ready for large-scale commercialization and it has already taken the first steps to obtain authorization to enter the United States from the FDA ( Food and Drugs administration).

Ultimately, this project could become very interesting in the development of connected universes, whether in real life or in more futuristic metaverse projects, which have been on the rise in recent weeks.

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