The Galaxy A54 is said to have a 50 MP camera, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing

A GalaxyClub report reveals that the Galaxy A54 will feature a 50MP main camera. If this rumor is true, it would mean that Samsung would have opted for a sensor that looks much less imposing than on its latest mid-range, which is equipped with a 64 MP sensor. But things are not necessarily that simple.

If Samsung has long established itself in the segment of premium smartphones, as confirmed by the success of the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 for the ultra premium, the Korean firm does not leave aside its middle segment. range, which is also regularly entitled to small nuggets. Thus, the Galaxy A53, generally very satisfactory for its price, particularly stood out on its photo part.

It is therefore quite natural that his successor is eagerly awaited on this point. Exactly, the Dutch media GalaxyClub provides us with valuable information on this subject. According to the latter, the Galaxy A54 would be equipped with a main sensor of 50 MP. Not really ridiculous but, at first glance, not really on par with its big brother, who proudly sports a 64 MP sensor.

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The Galaxy A54 would be equipped with a main sensor of 50 MP

Does this mean that the next mid-range? It is not that simple. Indeed, if the number of megapixels of the sensor is of course important to determine its quality, it is not the only criterion to take into account. Indeed, the 64 MP sensor currently found on the Galaxy A52 and A53 is not particularly large. However, given Samsung’s history in this area, it is very likely that the Galaxy A54 has a larger sensor.

If so, this could allow it to achieve better photo performance than its predecessors. But all this is still difficult to predict, because, although Samsung already seems to be preparing the arrival of its future mid-range, we do not yet have enough information to formulate precise hypotheses. So be patient, it should happen in the coming months.

Source : GalaxyClub

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