The Galaxy Fold will no longer receive new versions of Android, end clap for Samsung’s first foldable

Samsung has announced that the Galaxy Fold will no longer receive major Android updates. The Korean giant’s first foldable device will receive patches and security updates for at least another year. On the other hand, it will never go under Android 13, not through Samsung’s One UI 5.0 overlay anyway.

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The Royole FlexPai was technically the first foldable smartphone to be marketed. The Galaxy Fold, however, was the one that popularized this innovative concept. Samsung has kept improving it over time and even in 2022 the Galaxy Z Fold 4 remains a very innovative and elite product. Moreover, from the strict point of view of performance, it buries its illustrious ancestor, the Galaxy Fold.

A benchmark launched under GeekBench 5 reveals that the Galaxy Fold in single-core scores around 700 points against 1351 points for the Z Fold 4. In multi-core, the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Fold 4 score 2400 and 3808 points respectively. All in all, therefore, it can be said that the new generation of foldable smartphones from Samsung is 50 to 60% more efficient than the very first. In terms of speed of connection to the 5G network, when we see that the gap is huge between the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Z Fold 4, as proven by the study published by Ookla, we imagine how much the Galaxy Fold must to be slow compared to its successors.

Samsung Galaxy Fold won’t get One UI 5 update to Android 13

When it was released in 2019, the Samsung Galaxy Fold ran Android 9. Samsung’s policy is to provide updates for 3 years after the year in which its smartphones are marketed. It therefore makes sense that Android 12 is the last version supported by the Galaxy Fold. The device and Android Pie are far from obsolete, however: the comparative performance tests of Android 12 and Android 13 are very close, which is a good sign.

In everyone’s opinion, Android 12 is a good vintage. Google places particular emphasis on the confidentiality of user data. The OS thus displays a panel listing all the applications that have access to the device and the microphone and the design Material You is not only more beautiful, but it is also customizable. In this sense, the color extraction function is a nice find.

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