The Galaxy S22 Ultra is really fragile, this drop test proves it in video

The Galaxy S22 Ultra, the latest high-end smartphone, is more fragile than expected. As shown in a drop test carried out by a YouTuber, the camera suffers cosmetic damage from the first drop. Towards the end of the test, the screen is completely out of order.

Announced a few days ago, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is Samsung’s latest high-end smartphone. To protect its new flagship, the Seoul giant claims to have used an aluminum shell covered withGorilla Glass Victus+ protection.

All models in the Galaxy S22 range benefit from this new protective technology. These are the first devices on the market to take advantage of this. Smartphones are “fitted with this tough glass front and back, so you can worry less about accidental drops”announces Samsung.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra does not survive this drop test

Unsurprisingly, some Internet users wanted to test the assertions of the South Korean brand. Shortly before the market release, the YouTube channel PBKreviews realized an uncompromising drop test of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the most expensive edition. The chain specializes in the dismantling and resistance testing of electronic products.

First, the videographers dropped the S22 Ultra directly on its back onto a concrete slab from a height of around 1.50 m. Lthe glass that covers the photo sensors were severely damaged. Cracks began to appear on the lenses. We imagine that the problem comes from the fact that the sensors come out of the structure.

After a fall focused on the underside, we see visible damage on the right corner. What’s more, the integrated S-Pen stylus pulled out of the storage drawer slightly. The videographer then dropped the smartphone on the right edge. No additional damage appeared at this time. Unfortunately, after an impact on the opposite edge, cracks began to appear on the AMOLED touchscreen. Despite the protection, the damage is quite serious. However the screen still works without difficulty, like the fingerprint reader hidden under the panel.

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To test the resistance, the videographer continues the experiments rising higher and higher, up to 1.80m. The aesthetic damage is increasingly visible, especially on the front face and on the corners. After multiple falls the touch screen finally gives up the ghost. The screen displays a green/yellow color and begins to flash. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is KO Despite the protections put in place by Samsung, we invite you to invest in a case.

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