The Galaxy S23 already available, episode 3 of The Last of Us does not appeal to homophobes, this is the recap

The Galaxy S23 is already available after it was only just announced, The Last of Us episode 3 is receiving a wave of criticism and Office 365 is blocking access to the desktop for Windows 10 users , this is the recap!

Galaxy S23 Ultra rear
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It’s time for the big recap of February 3, 2023. Today we had an episode of a TV series that doesn’t appeal to homophobes, a promotional window that prevents users from accessing their PCs, and a very expected… already available. Let’s go !

Episode 3 of The Last of Us unleashes passions on the Internet

The third episode of The Last of Us tells us the story of Bill and Frank, a couple who lives in autarky in a city protected from infestation. A touching episode, which really deepens a relationship that was only touched upon in the game. However, the highlighting of a gay couple does not please everyone. While the episode is praised for its quality of writing, many homophobes have “review bombed” the series, that is to say, gave it a low rating on Metacritic. It peaks today at 4.8 while the previous ones show a double score. Maddening stupidity.

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The Galaxy S23 is already available

The Galaxy S23 was announced just a few days ago and its release is -officially- set for February 17. However, many buyers have already been able to obtain it. This is our case, since our Galaxy S23 Ultra (purchased through the classic channels) arrived on Friday February 3. If you’ve pre-ordered yours, you won’t necessarily have to wait long!

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Office 365 blocks some users from accessing their Windows desktop

This is a concern that annoys many Windows 10 users. During the first installation, a promotional offer for Office 365 is offered. If it is possible to ignore it in normal times, it is not possible here. You must enter your bank details and then start the trial before accessing your office. Starting your PC offline is also a solution that works.

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