The Galaxy S9 is officially obsolete, Samsung stops updates!

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ are now officially obsolete. Four years after the market launch, Samsung has just rolled out a final security update. The two smartphones have reached the end of the software support promised by the brand South Korean. In the coming months, the Galaxy Note 9 should also be deprived of updates.

A few weeks ago, Samsung rolled out the latest security update to the Galaxy S9 and S9+. True to its promise, the Seoul giant offered 4 years of software support to the two flagship smartphones of 2018. Indeed, the two smartphones do not benefit from the extended support guaranteed on the brand’s new phones. This support promises 5 years of security updates.

This final update therefore marked the end of software support for the S9. A few weeks after the firmware rollout, Samsung just update mailing list security updates on smartphones in its lineup.

Samsung is stopping updates on the Galaxy S9

Now, the Galaxy S9 are no longer among the devices that receive monthly updates or quarterly updates. The range comes from ddisappear completely from the distribution list. For the record, the S9 already had to make do with updates every three months.

Deprived of security patches, smartphones are obviously less secure than phones that get Google’s Android security patch every month, like newer devices. Nevertheless, the old flagships will continue to function normally.

If Samsung sticks to its schedule, the next high-end terminal to be deprived of an update will be the Galaxy Note 9. The old phablet should be declared obsolete by the end of the year.

Note that it is not impossible that Samsung still rolls out other updates on the S9. If a serious flaw is discovered, the company could deviate from its habits by pushing a patch despite the end of software support. Samsung had indeed done so with the Galaxy S8, which had obtained a few months of additional support.

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