The Game Boy Advance that wanted to be Nintendo Switch and succeeded

At first it may seem like a Game Boy Advance more, but it is not. As has happened on occasion, there are those who thought it would be a good idea to combine a console that has already been behind for almost twenty years with one of the most characteristic elements of the Nintendo Switch: the Joy-Con. Let’s see what this offers GBA Switch SP.

The Game Boy that wanted to be Nintendo Switch

On numerous occasions we have seen how some makers carried out different types of projects related to Nintendo consoles. In the first place, because they are very popular machines, so it is easy to find them in the second-hand market. Second, because they also lend themselves to a multitude of modifications. And in third and last place, because it is very cool to give a return to those original proposals to adapt them to more current use cases.

This time the protagonist is none other than the Game Boy Advance, a portable console that Nintendo launched 18 years ago and that has long been one of their favorite laptops.

Well, with this console the modder Macho Nacho decided to turn it into a kind of Nintendo Switch. Be careful, a “species” and not a carbon copy, because it does not really transform the Game Boy Advance to change the form factor and make it like the Switch. What it does is add an extension that allows you to gain support for both the Joy-Con and some extra function.

Let’s start with what might be more striking: the television outlet. Through the use of kits that are already on the market, this modification of the Game Boy Advance is capable of sending what the console reproduces to an external screen. Of course, the resolution is that of the integrated screen and that implies scaling. So the ideal would be to have a CRT television.

On the other hand, the console also adds support for Joy-Con. This is interesting and in turn makes sense if it is to be used in desktop console mode. So taking advantage of the housing or addition that is placed on the original console, you can use the controls of the Nintendo Swtich both in TV and portable mode.

This is the GBA Switch SP in video

Here is the video where Macho Nacho shows his work, how he has carried out the entire process and the necessary parts for it that we mentioned before. An interesting material for those who like all these types of modifications.

Modification that you can also do if you dare, because all the instructions and everything you need know to do it successfully he has shared it on his GitHub page. So you just have to follow the instructions step by step. If you are a little handyman, you will have a Game Boy Advance with which to make your friends envy, especially if they are also lovers of retro games.

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