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It has been one of the titles that has caused the most rivers of ink to flow on the internet over the last month, practically since Square-Enix published the PS5 demo that thousands of players have tried. The criticisms you received have not helped much but surely, despite all that has been said, Forspoken it will end up making its way and becoming one of the games of the year. Or do you think not?

Problems because of the demo

Surely you already know what happened with Forspoken over the past month and a half when the Japanese decided to publish in early December, on the PlayStation Store, a demo from the PS5 game. Behind the hype awakened by the videos that had been seen up to that moment, and that hypervitaminated game mode with races through gigantic settings at the stroke of action, role-playing and magic, someone from the company itself thought that offering this portion of gameplay it would be a good idea. But just the opposite happened.

Many users began to complain about how unfinished the demo seemed, how confusing it was, the menus that ran over the player inviting him to do things he didn’t understand and, above all, get into a gameplay too fast that he had, at times, neither head nor tail. And proof that the problem was already too serious is that Square-Enix decided to correct that demo and “listen to the community” by updating it.

The result is that Forspoken We already have it in stores, physical and digital, and many users who tried the demo have decided to wait for the sales to arrive. And these, if you have a PC, are already here because you can already get hold of the Square-Enix title with a more than interesting discount.

Buy Forspoken right now

The point is that Forspoken has been shot in Eneba thanks to a promo that places its price 31% below the recommended one, which is 79.99 euros. That is, the same cost as the PS5 games on the PlayStation Store and quite far from what is usually the average on Steam or Epic Games. So this cut will be a push to acquire it because we only have 55.50.

Forspoken lowered.

If, despite the discount, you do not have all of them with you and you suspect that Forspoken the same will not fill you up as much as you would like, remember that you have a demo on Steam and Epic Games that has been published practically at the same time as the launch of the game, where you will be able to see and touch what it is like to move your protagonist through a gigantic map at full speed and enjoying next-generation graphics (if the hardware accompanies).

In any case, it would not be the first example of a game that hits the market amid criticism and skepticism from users and then, by word of mouth or by testing the demo, it manages to reverse that first feeling that, by the way, right now is not the best they could have expected since Square-Enix when they released the PS5 demo last month of December. Don’t you think?

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