The game that wants to compete with FIFA 23, is delayed until 2023

What is UFL?

At Gamescom in 2021, that is, just a year ago, news broke that a new soccer game was in development he was looking for, nothing more and nothing less, than rubbing shoulders with the FIFA of Electronic Arts and, to a lesser extent, with the rebranded as eFootball by Konami. And for this, from Strikerz Inc. they resorted to an element with which they wanted to seduce us to make us consider leaving either of the two giants of the video game market in the lurch.

And that reason was none other than UFL it was going to be a game free to playso that their entire business model would remain in the hands of in-game purchases, within a philosophy that they came to define as fair play. In addition, in that summer of 2021 the launch seemed imminent and in many media it could be read that it would be available in the following months. Which didn’t happen.

The point is that UFL I had in mind to arrive, now really, in the face of this next autumn campaign to see them face to face against FIFA 23 But it could not be. Do you know what has happened?

the game lags

It has been the CEO of Strikerz Inc., Eugene Nashilov, who has appeared in an official video to give explanations and in which he tells us what has happened so that they have made the determination of carry that release date UFL until 2023.

As you can hear in the video you have just below, Nashilov has recognized that UFL “is a game of immense complexity technology, which needs to simulate a full range of football mechanics and techniques with dynamic and realistic animations, world-class players and much more”. So “Today we announce that the release date will be moved to 2023″.

What is surprising is that from Strikerz Inc. they were not aware of the garden they were getting into because if there is something tremendously complicated to develop, with a minimum level of quality to compete against FIFA, it is precisely a football game. Especially if you start from scratch with an IP that does not exist.

The game right now, and according to those responsible, is at 80% development and they will not give more information about the final release date until next December. After all, as many feared, Strikerz Inc. needs more time to complete and that the expectations that have been generated around him end up well satisfied.

The truth is that things did not look good at all because just three weeks ago a video appeared gameplay of UFL (you have it above) that left a lot to be desired and outraged the community that has decided to support the game. But as we told you before, developing a football game from scratch is a tortuous, long and very complicated process and only if the project has sufficient economic support to withstand the problems of the first years, will it be able to sustain itself. If that is not the case, UFL it will end up going down in history as an IP that wanted to overthrow the king and even managed to scratch him.

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