the giant LEGO Bowser at a minimum

The giant lego figures they are a source of unlimited fun for children and not so children. There are LEGO sets of all kinds, although the collaboration between the Danish company and Nintendo is giving us some of the most fun sets. The gigantic Super Mario villain set It went on sale just a few weeks ago and it’s already discount on amazon.

The Three Wise Men are already warming up: LEGO ‘The Mighty Bowser’ with a 20% discount

‘The Mighty Bowser’ is the new figure giant that has just been added to the LEGO x Super Mario collections. Assembled, the model measures about 32 centimeters tallAnd it is articulated. If you already have some LEGO Super Mario sets at home, this new figure will surely be a great addition to stimulate imagination and creativity during play sessions.

The set has some 2,807 pieces. All these bricks make up both the figure of the villain and a couple of fire towers that we usually find in the castles of this character.

lego mighty bowser.jpg

As we said, interactivity is guaranteed with this Bowser. The character’s head can be moved with buttons located under the shell. The jaw can be contracted to open and close the mouth, so you’ll have to make sure Mario and Luigi jump on his head if you don’t want to end up saying ‘Oh, mamma mia’. You can also move the limbs and interact with the sounds that come set on the figures of the other characters that come in other LEGO Super Mario sets.

When you’re not playing, Bowser can pose on his exposure basis next to its two towers of fire.

Offer with a 20% discount

bowser lego figure.jpg

The figure The Mighty Bowser 71411 is sold on the official LEGO website at a recommended price of 269.99 euros. Right now the set is on Amazon for about 215.99 eurosthis being the lowest price that has been recorded so far.

If you want to have already prepared some surprise for christmasthis may be a good time, as the offer should not last long.

Other sets to complement this offer

lego super mario 64

The Mighty Bowser is a LEGO model that was presented last July, although it went on sale earlier this month.

To play with this pack, LEGO recommends using some of the Super Mario basic sets, which are sold separately. They are the following:

LEGO Mario (71360)

It is the initial pack of Mario. you also have it offer with a 22% discount:

LEGO Luigi (71387)

Do you prefer to play with good old Luigi? This set has a almost unbeatable ratings:

LEGO Peach (71403)

Another good way to play this title is with the Princess peachwhich has a pretty fun set with Toad:

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