The Google Drive application for working with files on demand will arrive in September

Google Drive will be compatible with the Mac M1

Earlier this year, Google announced that it was working to replace the Backup application used by public Google Drive users with File Stream, the application used by Google’s paid customers, an application that allows working with files on demand. .

That is, it is not necessary to download all the content stored in Google Drive on our device, or folders. The files are downloaded as we open them and are automatically uploaded once we close them. Google has just announced that the version for all audiences will be launched in September of this year.

As of today, Google has started to offer this application in test phase among some users, so it is likely that, if you use Google Drive, you will be lucky enough to test it before its official launch in September.

In addition, this new version of the Google Drive file synchronization application with a PC and Mac will include the following features:

  • Upload and sync photos and videos on Google Photos and / or Google Drive
  • Synchronize external storage devices with the cloud, including flash drives and external hard drives
  • Files from Mirror Drive on your desktop, which stores your files on your local device and enables faster access to your content

In this way, Google joins the rest of the cloud storage companies, including Apple, which already offered the possibility of working with files stored in the cloud on demand without having to download a copy of them on the computer.

With the limited space offered by some computers, this is the best solution that these services have been able to offer, especially for those users who have contracted a large amount of storage space in the cloud, space that is sometimes greater than space equipment storage.


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