The Google Earth of streaming radio stations exists, it’s called TuneIn

How to discover a new station in accordance with our tastes and our desires? There are so many choices that it’s easy to fall back into your habits and go back to a program you already know. TuneIn is a desktop and mobile application that will help you surf the world’s radio waves through a graphical interface inspired by Google Earth.

TuneIn user interface / Credit: 123rf

Radio is so deeply rooted in people’s habits that listeners are most often loyal to the same station, and rarely explore the thousands of programs made available to them by the grace of the Internet and streaming. Indeed, most stations around the world share their content, either through podcasts or by broadcasting them live. You can be paralyzed by so many choices. How discover the radios of the world ?

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TuneIn is an American application and website that makes it easy to discover new stations anywhere in the world through an easy-to-understand visual interface. Indeed, it presents us with a terrestrial globe à la Google Maps on which all the radio stations appear at the place from which they broadcast their waves.

TuneIn is inspired by Google Earth to inspire us to discover radio stations around the world

The world map format and the various filters offered (language or type of program, for example) help to discover the diversity of radio programs around the world. Although TuneIn has been around for over twenty years, the new GUI was only released for the world radio day.

TuneIn is available on Windows and macOS, but it comes at a price. After a 30-day free trial period, you will have to pay €8.69 per month or €86.98 per year to continue enjoying the application. For this price, customers will have access to more than 100,000 international radio stations and podcasts, with continuous information with “fewer commercials”. Mobile applications should also benefit from the new Google Maps interface, but TuneIn did not give a date for them.

Source : TuneIn

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