The Government makes five new qualifications linked to digitization official

The national catalog of professional qualifications It has been recently renewed by the Council of Ministers. According to the last four royal decrees approved, 49 new professional qualifications have been created and eight other existing ones from 16 professional families are updated. All of them are linked to eleven productive sectors identified as strategic in the Vocational Training Modernization Plan being developed by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MEFP).

Among them, the five new qualifications that are directly linked to digitization. This is the installation and maintenance of connected devices and systems (IoT), digitization applied to the professional environment, data management and training in Artificial Intelligence systems based on machine learning, installation management, deployment and exploitation of Artificial Intelligence systems based on machine learning and design of graphic interfacesinteraction and user experience in digital devices.

These specialties belong to the professional families of electricity and electronics, computer science and communications, and graphic arts. In this way, they contribute to the digitization process of the Vocational Training offer that the MEFP is implementing.

With these measures, the ministry intends to consolidate a “modern” national catalog of professional qualifications, with knowledge adapted to market demand.

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Vocational training

On the other hand, the executive has added another nine newly created qualifications belonging to the professional family of Physical and sports activities; six are linked to construction and civil works, two to energy and water, five to hospitality and tourism, five to transport and vehicle maintenance, two to image and sound and another two to the family of socio-cultural services to the community, among others.

According to the Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Pilar Alegría, this update has been possible thanks to the collaboration of “leading companies” from each of the sectors involved. “The most up-to-date techniques on the market used in the development of the work activity they recognize have been taken into account”he assures.

The MEFP thus consolidates a modern national catalog of professional qualifications, that responds to the most demanded professional profiles today. For this permanent update, it has the collaboration of leading companies from each of the productive sectors involved. This is one of the fundamental lines of action of the vocational training modernization plan launched by the MEFP in 2020.

Precisely, with regard to vocational training, the government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, spoke. «Adapting the training offer to the demand of companies is the fundamental objective of the new Vocational Training Law«assured.

For the preparation and modernization of professional qualifications, the most up-to-date techniques on the market used in the development of the work activity they recognize have been taken into account, according to Medical Writing. The national catalog precisely facilitates the adequacy between VET and the labor market since “It is made up of the qualifications identified in the production system, which are the basis for the preparation of the vocational training offer«. With the entry into force of these four Royal Decrees, the catalog adds a total of 736.

Vocational training is considered by the government as one of the main “transformation axes” in the young section. In total, the executive will allocate, according to the minister, 2,200 million to this training system in this year’s budgets to fulfill its commitment to create more than 200,000 new places.

“We are going to improve the training of our young people with the certainty that, by improving their training, we are improving their employment, and with this we will also improve their salary”, Rodriguez added.

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